Flush doors

Also known as hidden, built-in, or invisible doors, they have become a staple of minimalistic interior design.

Full integration

The aluminum frame is plastered, puttied, and painted along with the wall to become as one. The door leaf can be finished like the wall with latex, plaster, wallpaper and others. It can also be visually hidden or turned into a color accent depending on the design.


The door is leveled with the wall and can be opened either outwards, or inwards.The hinges are hidden, adjustable in three dimensions. The lock is magnetic for a more silent closing. There is no skirting to gather dust.

Stylistic neutrality

It won’t be necessary to change the doors with the latest fashion trends. Easy to renovatе. New latex or wallpaper only. The door leaf can be repainted in factory or at home with a brush.

A U-nique proposal

U-NIKAL Ltd. combines the aluminum frame of the model Mono from EGOSTIL with leaves from INTEXT, to give you a product with a u-nique ratio of price/quality.